Find Your Flow

Foundations of Flow


This slow, gentle exploration of the body begins to familiarize students with the union of breath, movement, alignment and posture. A great class for increasing mobility, body-awareness, balance and mindfulness. Open to all levels.

Slow Flow


A nourishing class to tend to the body and soul. Pranayama and long stretchy holds are combined with gentle movement to free up the body and ease away any residue of the week.

Dynamic Vinyasa


Vinyasa Yoga is a rhythmic, flowing style with emphasis on unity of breath and movement. In this dynamic class we build fire within, explore our edge, and use the breath to overcome the obstacles of the mind through focused intention and awareness. This class is ideal for those wanting to move into new possibilities of asana and self-discovery.

Roll & Release


The fascia is the connective tissue that wraps, like cling-film, around every element of the physical body. Like muscles, it adapts to certain patterns of use. It's the reason you feel stiff first thing in the morning, and why bad postural habits from work carry through to the rest of your life. In Roll & Release we use props to release, ease out, and reset the fascial network, helping you to move freely and relieve discomfort. 



A slow-paced, meditative class with passive, long-held poses on the floor. The long holds access deep connective tissue that otherwise can remain congested and dehydrated. A beautiful class for slowing down, calming the body and mind, reducing stress, increasing circulation and releasing the fascia for greater mobility.



One-on-one sessions are ideal for all students, new or advanced, who want to explore their practice on a deeper level in a way that takes them, their uniqueness and their stage of their Yoga journey into account. Classes are tailored to students’ specific needs and goals for their practice.

Book a Class

I currently have group classes running at various locations in Lewes & Alfriston, East Sussex, England.

Please contact me via email, or by phone on 07907582384 for further details.